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Co-Founder & COO at Lively
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I am a tech start-up enthusiast with over 4 years of investment banking, corporate development and M&A experience and 10+ years of technology start-up experience. I am driven by real-world challenges and the opportunity to help others in whatever capacity that I can. I enjoy wearing multiple hats and thinking outside-the-box. I am an executor in every sense of the word and I look for opportunity where no one else cares. During my time at MIT Sloan, I focused my time on entrepreneurial activities. I co-founded and eventually stepped into the CEO role of an energy auditing software company called kWhOURS, where we were focused on digitizing the data collection process for commercial buildings. That experience led me to another start-up called Retroficiency (acquired by Ecova in Oct 2015), where the mission is very simple: to scale energy efficiency using data analytics and technology. I am now onto my next adventure, Lively - a health savings account company helping people invest in their health.

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  • The results of the report show that, despite a strong economy, Americans are not able to make the best healthcare choices for themselves due to their financial situations.

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    started Aug 2016