Siddhartha S.

Founder & CEO at Intain
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We believe that combining Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and AI can help build financial systems with high level of automation and enhanced trust and transparency. Admin and servicing of securitized assets is where we started from. We have launched a blockchain based invoice factoring platform in Europe and are working on ESG bonds and development finance - essentially areas where transparency of underlying assets is critical. Worked in UK, Poland and India; set up operations in Mexico, US, Ireland, Poland, Philippines and India and managed businesses across many other countries.

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  • When this packaging and repackaging of loans happened, there were one-on-one contracts between financial institutions such as banks and securitisation companies, there was no way one could tell that the value of the security was falling. This is where smart contracts play a major role - in keeping transparency in the financial system.

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  • Intain
    Founder & CEO
    started Jan 2018