Simon Calton

CEO and Founder at Carlton James Group
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Simon Calton is a founder and CEO of the Carlton James Group (CJG). He brings a wealth of industry experience and management skills to both the group and the funds it administers. During his time leading CJG, Simon has successfully sourced and packaged deals in the US and the UK, delivering investment returns that consistently outperform market expectations. An experienced financier, Simon knows that extensive due diligence, risk management and the provision of adequate collateral are all required to identify and secure a strong investment. Following this mantra, Simon has built and maintained a professional and effective team around him, utilising a network of industry professionals across the globe that add considerable opportunity to his deal sourcing and execution. As a result of these efforts, Simon and his team have acted as an advisor on deals that have led to substantial financial gain, and continued to develop investment vehicles that are suitable for modern day market conditions.

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  • There are two main reasons I believe in i2Media and their offerings: their industry focus and their leadership. They are deeply embedded into the extremely high-growth, multibillion-dollar industry that is Mixed Martial Arts which continues to skyrocket in terms of popularity and revenue. Rob Hewitt has demonstrated absolute dedication to i2Media, and his prominent standing in the industry positions the Company well for years to come. We are very pleased to add i2Media to our exciting portfolio of companies and look forward to watching the Company’s growth.

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