Simone Martinelli

Founder and CEO at volume pay
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Product Manager turned into Founder with experience in Financial Technology building Internet products such as Money Transfer App, Merchants Acceptance Experience, Payment API, new crypto-currencies across top startups and large tech in the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, and Canada.

Engineering background from leading European universities with top academic results. Entrepreneurial spirit strategic thinking and commercial acumen. Proven ability to design strategy and scale products on a global level in a fast-paced environment.

Proficient in all aspects of the agile deliverables required for a technology team to build awesome products. Hands-on development of storyboards, wireframes, feature prioritization, backlog, user stories, product KPI/metrics, monitoring, and commercialization.

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  • Instead of yet another one-click checkout, Volume is building the world’s first-ever transparent checkout. E-commerce has a “hidden tax” in the form of payment commissions to cards and e-wallets, and consumers don’t know this ultimately impacts on the prices they pay. We want to finally bring transparency to this enormous market and kill all hidden fees.

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