Siran Cao

Co-Founder & CEO at Mirza
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Siran is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mirza, a femtech meets fintech company on a mission to close the gender pay gap. She's a self identified New Yorker, barbell addict, tech for good nerd, and Elizabeth Warren superfan. Siran graduated with a degree in Gender Studies from Harvard and had expected to go into academia, but somehow stumbled into tech. She built the driver support organization for Uber in New York and oversaw the support business for the US Northeast, before moving to London for a degree in Social Business & Entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics. With Mirza, Siran's gone full circle and looks forward to bringing together her passions: women’s empowerment, structural change, and building a company of the future.

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  • Many parents don’t fully recognize how much childcare support they need, because it’s across the full hours of the day. Having childcare worked out during work hours isn’t enough, so this is where utilizing the unpaid sources available, friends, family, community, really comes into play. Having a conversation about childcare starts to remove the stigma and helps people be more realistic and go in eyes wide open: it’s almost taboo to talk about getting some help from your family to watch the kids.

    3 December 2021
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