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Principal Economist at Tomo
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Skylar Olsen is principal economist at Tomo. In her role, she brings a unique flavor of consumer-friendly analytics to homeowners, homebuyers and home sellers navigating the rapidly evolving housing and mortgage markets. Previously, Olsen was the senior principal economist at Zillow Group and a foundational member of the company’s public-facing economic research program. While at Zillow Group, she authored numerous research projects and directed many of the company’s data-sharing initiatives. Olsen has more than ten years of experience researching U.S. housing. Her research has been used by consumers, policy makers and other researchers to understand the real estate and mortgage industries and make better decisions.

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  • The speed of home sales and price appreciation was staggering, almost regardless of location, because the strong housing market fundamentals leading into the pandemic were supercharged by low mortgage rates and big savings rates.

    8 November 2021
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    8 November 2021
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