Sol Spier

Founder at Dawning Digital
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Sol Spier is the founder of Dawning Digital, a marketing agency that helps businesses harness the power of branding and social media to build and grow a successful online presence while creating engaged communities of loyal fans. Their strategies help their clients create unique brand messages that cut through the masses on social media and lead to true brand loyalty.

Through a collaborative approach with clients, Dawning Digital defines their unique selling propositions and create content that highlights those USPs in a non-salesy, transparent and entertaining manner. With this approach, they help their clients get more than just customers - they help them gain large communities of loyal fans.

The team at Dawning Digital stays on top of current digital marketing trends to provide the most effective strategies and coach clients on increasing engagement within their communities. Whether starting from scratch or improving existing communities, the team has the secrets to success.

Dawning Digital is made of a full female team and helps women start and grow their businesses.

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  • “Brands are becoming less afraid to stand out and be different, realizing that it’s best to be unique instead of having a logo that blends into everything else,” says Sol Spier, owner and creative director of Dawning Digital, a digital marketing firm.


    19 February 2022
  • "What I'm seeing from search trends, such as a 145% increase in searches for 'how to raise your vibration' and a 36x increase in searches for 'aura colors' is that millennials and Gen Z are embracing their spirituality, leaning into mindfulness and meditation and growing interest in the esoteric world," said Sol Spier, founder and creative director at Dawning Digital.""This new demand for information and services means there's a huge opportunity for experts in this field to turn their passions into side hustles." Just last year Spier helped a Microsoft employee build her spiritual coaching, akashic records and tarot reading side hustle. "Only a few months in and she has already reported over $10,000." Spier said. "In the coaching space, I can confidently say that you can expect to earn more than $100,000 running a spiritual, service-based side hustle."


    19 February 2022