Srikrishnan Ganesan

CEO & Co-Founder at Rocketlane
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Crafting Rocketlane, & building the Preflight community (
Rocketlane is a purpose-built customer onboarding platform that shortens your time to value, and eliminates hit-or-miss experiences for your customers. It helps you deliver a collaborative, transparent, and professional onboarding experience for every customer.
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Previously built Konotor (now Freshchat), acquired by Freshworks (#16 on Forbes Cloud 100).

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  • "One of the side effects of the Great Resignation and remote onboarding of teams is a higher reliance on being 'system-driven' rather than being 'people-driven' in every function. For instance, in customer onboarding, new team members used to shadow seniors to learn the ropes. The transition of team members meant forwarding a bunch of emails and creating handoff documents with context on every account. Now you can't rely on that learning through osmosis; you need a system that has your best practices, as the natural learning from being around team members and workplace conversations are minimal. With more resignations, you need continuity to be something planned, so you want more communication, plans, and document context in a system rather than in people's inboxes or in Slack DMs."

    13 January 2022
  • “As companies have learned how to work with a remote workforce, there is no going back. There will be a hybrid environment to allow teams to come together when they want to, maybe one to two times a week. Employees who prefer an office setup will be allowed to come in, but I don’t see it being mandated unless the nature of work requires it.”

    13 January 2022
  • "We believe that in markets where you are replacing horizontal products with purpose-built solutions, you can't go with an MVP (minimum viable product). Your product cannot do 20% of what each of those do and expect to get traction. You need to have all of their core capabilities covered and then add your layer of innovation on top. That's what we did with Rocketlane. We launched with a product that felt mature and robust in terms of its capabilities and we've had great reception for it - from being #1 on Product Hunt on launch day to gaining customers at a fast clip to becoming a category leader on G2."

    13 January 2022
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