Stefan Kalb

CEO/Co-Founder at Shelf Engine
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Stefan is the co-founder and CEO who leads the talented Shelf Engine team. Stefan started his career in the food industry in 2009 when he founded Molly’s, a grab & go food company. While growing Molly's to over 400 regional retail locations, he discovered the problem of food waste first hand. Hungry for a better solution, Stefan co-founded Shelf Engine in 2016. He studied Actuarial Science and got a degree in Mathematics and Economics from Western Washington University. Stefan feels most inspired at Shelf when he gets to witness the numbers reflecting a reduction in waste and the immediate positive impact that has on customers.

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  • Kimberton Whole Fods championed its sustainable philosophy before these ideas were mainstream, and has remained a pioneer for innovative, forward-thinking business models. Tapping Shelf Engine's technology has enabled the company to increase sales and profits while strengthening its commitment to giving back — a win win.

    14 April 2021
  • I told some folks in the industry about it, and they said 28 percent was good for the industry. I thought it was insane that major grocers were wasting more. I talked to Bede, and we discussed myself writing an algorithm and him writing an app.

    14 April 2021
  • If you walk into the produce department of a Kroger, that produce is technically ours, until a consumer buys it.

    14 April 2021
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