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Founder & CEO at NewStore and 4 other companies
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Serial Entrepreneur. College Dropout. Never been employed. Founded several tech companies resulting in two IPO's with multi-billion dollar market caps and a $2.8B exit. Author of Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart. Throughout his career, Stephan has created enormous value by capitalizing on the major turning points in ecommerce. As the future of retail shifts to mobile, his most recent venture - NewStore - takes advantage of this next major inflection point. NewStore transforms brick and mortar shopping into app-powered, digitally connected retail experiences. The first to provide Omnichannel-as-a Service, NewStore integrates cloud-based order management and Mobile POS.

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  • Retailers worldwide value the benefits of omnichannel. Even so, there are still financial, organizational and technological challenges that stand in the way of getting it right

  • The brands that really struggle are those that operate online and in-store in silos, on systems that were never built with other channels in mind. The key to omnichannel is having a single system for real-time omni data - inventory, customers and orders. And more importantly, putting this in the hands of store associates.

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