Stephen Akin

Registered Investment Advisor at Akin Investments and 2 other companies
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FINRA Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor. Independent, fiduciary advice with over 35 years of investing experience.

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  • US News & World Report by Paulina Likos | What Is a Broker-Dealer?
    To hedge their risk, market makers must be keenly aware of market conditions and volatility, says Stephen Akin, founder and advisor at Akin Investments. "They may deploy strategies on various types of indexes that could be closely in tune with the issues that they are trying to make the market in, as well as consideration for market volatility," he says.

    30 June 2021
  • MEL Magazine by Meehika Barua | WITH ONLINE SHOPPING, NOT-SO-TALL GUYS GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK For Stephen, who lives in Mississippi, shopping for clothes. “I still find the need for suits and ties. One of my biggest challenges is finding my size,” he says. “It’s a lot easier to find a store with an old-fashioned tailor where they custom-fit things. Unfortunately, that’s becoming harder and harder to find during a pandemic. Now that retail has taken such a hit it’s going to be worse in the future.”“Big brands like Michael Kors and Alfani don’t have shorter sizes in stock says Stephen. When looking at luxury brands while shopping online, he has only found Ralph Lauren to be helpful “I sure hope that someday we’ll have an alternative to chasing all around just for nice clothes,” says Stephen.” March 8, 2021

    12 May 2021
  • by Christopher Carosa, CTFA | To Vote Or Not To Vote, That Is The Proxy Question For The Retirement Plan Fiduciary
    “Investors should vote proxies, even if the shareholder only has a small position in the company,” says Stephen H Akin, a Registered Investment Adviser with Akin Investment, LLC in Biloxi, Mississippi “Bringing the small holder into the process is good for both parties. It brings the shareholder closer to the company. Shareholders always know more about their holdings after the process is completed. The companies often use the participation rate and data of small holders for insight into who represents their broad base of stockholders.”

    15 September 2020
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  • Akin Investments (
    Registered Investment Advisor
    started Jan 2016
  • Morgan Stanley
    Registered Representative
    Nov 1987 – Dec 2015
  • UBS Financial Services Inc.
    Registered Representative
    Sep 1985 – Nov 1987