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Chief Technology Officer at Druva
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Stephen delivers solutions to help customers extract the full potential of their data. In leading development of data management capabilities for startups and serving as CTO of the Data Protection Group at Dell EMC, Stephen found his passion in partnering with customers to solve data protection challenges for today’s enterprise and evolve modern data storage.

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  • The attack on Howard University is yet another sign that cyberattacks are global, interconnected, and evolving. Hackers, drawn by the lucrative potential of holding business-critical data hostage, are launching more sophisticated attacks every day.

    4 December 2021
  • The market has absolutely swept in this direction. For a long time, we had a cycle where application environments were consolidating a lot. We seem to be exploding out the other way to this massive sprawl of different types of applications in different places. With data sprawled everywhere, we find that customers are looking for solutions that can connect to everything.

    26 May 2021
  • Shifting online has increased the risk of exposing business-critical data to internal and external threats and safeguarding data on employee endpoint devices has become more important.

    26 May 2021
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