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Chief Economist at HoyleCohen, LLC and 1 other company
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I write monthly internal interpretations of the economy and markets, quarterly public overviews, and have spoken with groups across the country on those topics for the past 20 years. As a Certified Business Economist (CBE) and Certified Financial Manager (CFM), I can create the link between global economics, the markets, and investors, which is a type of applied analysis not practiced by many.

With all of the shiny objects around these days distracting us from getting accurate information and data, I can help writers cut through much of the noise by providing very focused responses, quite possibly alternative viewpoints, and can respond quickly to initial requests, and of course follow up requests.

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  • When asked why volatility has been so low for so long. FOMO (fear of missing out) has created enough new buyers to step in at the first sign of an opportunity halting the lower half of expected volatility based on historical standards.

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