Steve Pemberton

CHRO at Workhuman
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Steve joined Workhuman in December of 2017 as chief human resources officer (CHRO) and works with HR leaders and senior management executives worldwide to help build workplaces where every employee feels recognized, respected, and appreciated for who they are and what they do. He champions and promotes our Workhuman movement to inspire HR leaders to embrace more humanity and foster a sense of purpose in the workplace. Steve is focused on building upon Workhuman’s award-winning culture, which has set a new industry standard through its own power usage of recognition and positivity.

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  • For a while, being home by yourself can feel like a treat. Then the reality begins to set in. We’re beginning to see a longer-term impact on mental health, and that affects productivity and efficiency. A healthy organization can’t achieve without healthy people. Share your own journey in the midst of all of this. You can say, ‘I am managing a lot. My mom is here. My children are not independent yet.’ When employees hear a leader opening up, it helps them be more comfortable with their own feelings. Put a lot of protocols around this, but it could become an important option when an employee needs it. Employee well-being is another responsibility of leaders. Give it the right amount of attention.

    9 June 2021