Steve Pilloff

Assistant Professor of Finance at George Mason University School of Business
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Steve Pilloff is an expert in and has done research on financial education, personal finance, and financial institutions. He can also speak on tax season, refunds and savings, and firm valuation. Pilloff has been featured in Fox Business, Vox, Law360, The Hill, Politico, ABC, Federal News Network, GovCon Wire, Washington Business Journal, U.S. News, The Los Angeles Times, and Financial Times.

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  • Not taking advantage of employer matching contributions is one of the biggest financial mistakes people make, according to Steve Pilloff, assistant professor of finance at George Mason University School of Business. “Even partial matches, such as 50 cents for every dollar saved, provide employees with free money that they should be grabbing with both hands,” Pilloff said.

    24 October 2020
  • Some couples may want to have their own discretionary accounts, which they can use as they see fit in addition to a joint account that’s used for household and family expenses. With this approach, there’s adequate funding for family needs, but each person may appreciate the freedom that goes with having their own funds.

    24 October 2020
  • Saving money is possible by carpooling with just one person, which essentially splits your costs in half.

    10 June 2020
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