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Licensed Psychologist at Brightside
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I am an analytical, strategic, and goal-oriented manager with multifaceted experience in designing and executing comprehensive training initiatives, establishing a competent workforce through development programs, and aligning strategic objectives with the organization’s long-term goals. I am adept in cultivating a supportive learning workplace environment by providing training opportunities and motivating staff in maximizing their full potential to achieve career goals.

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  • When mental health goes awry, everything else tends to go with it. Anxiety, depression, and relationship problems tend to be the biggest issues bought to the counseling center. I like to think about a story of the woodcutter, chopping away at a tree when a visitor comes along and notices he’s not really making much of a dent in the tree. The visitor asks, why are you doing this? Why is it taking so long? And the woodcutter responds I have to just keep chopping this tree, the visitor says well if you took a break and sharpened your axe maybe it wouldn’t take so long, but the woodcutter just says no I have to keep going, I have to keep chopping this tree. That is exactly every one of us we are so busy trying to push through our schedule that we can’t take a break to exercise, to be mindful, to hang out with friends if we did more self-care we’d be much more effective at completing our work.

    1 July 2021
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    1 July 2021
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