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Sukhi Jutla is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and Business Coach / Mentor, based in London, United Kingdom.
She is a sought after international speaker, thought leader and qualified IBM Blockchain Developer, and has won numerous awards including Asian Women of Achievement, Female Entrepreneur of The Year and named Top 100 European Digital Pioneer by The Financial Times and Google.

In April 2018, Sukhi made global headlines becoming the World’s First #1 Bestselling ‘Blockchain’ Author.

She is the author and co-author of 3 books:
• Escape The Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate, Create A Life You Love
• Authors and The Blockchain
• The FinTech Book

In her book “Escape the cubicle: quit the job you hate, create a life you love”, Sukhi tells her journey of becoming an entrepreneur after years of corporate jobs. She shares her experience and gives tips to empower other people willing to do the same.

Sukhi is a regular media commentator on tech, blockchain and digital disruption, having been featured in over 100+ UK based and international publications.
In 2019, Sukhi was appointed Board Member to the Mayor of London's Digital Skills Partnership, representing the voice of new technologies such as blockchain, AI and machine learning.
Within 3 years, her business MarketOrders has been nominated for over 40 awards and got over 600 mentions in the press.

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  • Title: How Peer Coaching Can Help Your Business

    “By coaching with your peers, you learn better from one another, as you’re both at similar stages of business development or learning,” says Sukhi Jutla, co-founder and COO at MarketOrders, a B2B sale platform for gold and diamonds.

    "“Peer coaching encourages a solution-based mindset to develop in the business as you’re encouraged to set goals, share challenges, and ask for help or feedback when trying to solve obstacles. This type of coaching is more collaborative and encourages teamwork,” says Jutla."

    "“I found staff were readily coming up with more solution-focused actions and were empowered to suggest new ideas and ways of working. They felt their voice was better acknowledged, so they were more at ease to ask for help when needed,” says Jutla."

  • Title: Getting a Loan to Invest in Crypto? Forget About It

    “It’s a really bad idea to take out loans to buy cryptocurrencies, and for two main reasons” said Sukhi Jutla, co-founder at MarketOrders, a London, UK-based business-to-business marketplace platform for the precious metals industry.

    Reason 1: There’s no protection for investors who buy crypto assets.

    Reason 2: If you need to take out a loan to invest, it means you don't have the financial bandwidth to withstand any losses, which is a risky move.

    “The best strategy with any investment is to use money you don’t need,” Jutla said. “Taking out a loan for cryptocurrency investments goes against that strategy.”

  • Bitcoin : un panel d’expert donne son avis sur l’évolution du cours du BTC - Beincrypto, July 2021

    Le COO de MarketOrders, Sukhi Jutla, prévoit que le prix du Bitcoin chutera à 15 000 $ au cours de l’année.
    Jutla attribue sa prédiction aux récentes nouvelles négatives concernant Bitcoin couplées à l’interdiction de Binance par la FCA britannique. Elle déclare que cela envoie “un signal clair aux investisseurs. Ils ne doivent pas penser que ce type de devise est sûr… ce sentiment créera encore des effets d’entraînement négatifs sur le mouvement à la baisse du prix.”

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