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Sukhi Jutla is an award-winning entrepreneur and author, based in London, United Kingdom.
She is a sought after international speaker, thought leader and qualified IBM Blockchain Developer, and has won numerous awards including Asian Women of Achievement, Female Entrepreneur of The Year and named Top 100 European Digital Pioneer by The Financial Times and Google.

In April 2018, Sukhi made global headlines becoming the World’s First #1 Bestselling ‘Blockchain’ Author.

She is the author of 3 books:
• Escape The Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate, Create A Life You Love
• Authors and The Blockchain
• The FinTech Book

In her book “Escape the cubicle: quit the job you hate, create a life you love”, Sukhi tells her journey of becoming an entrepreneur after years of corporate jobs. She shares her experience and gives tips to empower other people willing to do the same.
Sukhi is a regular media commentator on tech, blockchain and digital disruption, having been featured in over 100+ UK and international press including Chinese and Spanish media.

In 2019, Sukhi was appointed Board Member to the Mayor of London's Digital Skills Partnership.

Within a year, her business MarketOrders has been nominated for over 24 awards and got over 130 mentions in the press.

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  • The 10 Pros & Cons of Crowdfunding That Businesses Should Consider - Fit Small Business, February 2020

    “Crowdfunding has limited time frames in which to raise and run your campaign. This helps to nudge investors to make up their minds and decide if they want to invest or not instead of dragging their heels. It’s better to have an outcome one way or another rather than an investment round dragging on forever with no definitive end in sight, which makes it difficult to plan for the business.”

    21 February 2020
  • Boom and Bust: Crypto-education can be the safety-net footballers need - AMB Crypto, February 2020

    AMBCrypto recently spoke to Sukhi Jutla, Co-founder of MarketOrders, a blockchain-based platform and she identified an alternate pathway as well.

    Speaking about crypto and blockchain, she believed getting familiar with the technology and space is no longer difficult and athletes can take advantage of it through social media branding.

    She explained that athletes can follow in the footsteps of various influencers and create their own micro-following with a fan base of 10,000 or fewer followers. She added, “And as long as the crypto has trading activity, the player can always generate an income even after their playing career is over. This would act as a type of royalty payment similar to how authors get paid in the publishing world each time their book is sold or loaned out in the library.”

    21 February 2020
  • How Small Businesses Can Attract and Retain Talent In a Tight Labor Market - Carol Roth, February 2020

    "Effective 2-way Communication
    Communicating often with the team helps to ensure that everyone feels they are part of the company's mission. They all are aware of what we are working on and what goals we want to achieve. Having this clear communication on a consistent basis (for example, via newsletter updates and a closed WhatsApp group) helps employees feel they are part of the team, are included in key decisions and conversations, and are encouraged to feedback their opinions and thoughts."

    15 February 2020
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