Sunil Madhu

Founder and CEO at Instnt Inc.
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Sunil is a Serial Entrepreneur and Software Architect with over 20 years of experience developing product, teams and selling innovative software solutions. He has been part of and led teams responsible for an IPO and exits over $100M in my career thus far. Sunil have global experience and a broad range of expertise in hardware and software domains, stemming from an innate understanding of technology as an enabler to the business.

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  • Businesses aren't experts at technology and vendor orchestration for effective risk and compliance management, so they routinely reject over 40% of good customers trying to sign-up. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is to indemnify your business against fraud losses while managing your customer onboarding needs in a fully compliant manner, with a guarantee to double the number of good customers that make it through your onboarding journey. All a business has to do to gain these benefits is to contact us and get a line of code to copy and paste on their sign-up pages.

    6 December 2021