Sybil Grieb

CEO at 100Hats
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Sybil Grieb has over 15 years experience as a digital media executive, with extensive experience in business development with publishers, platforms, brands, agencies, influencers and even eSports. As the child of two entrepreneurs, she has always been passionate about building and growing companies. Sybil is a founding member of AllBright, and a frequent speaker at Social Media Week, CES, Digital Hollywood, ThinkLA, UCLA, USC and more. Her clients have included: Activision Blizzard, Barilla, HP, Lionsgate, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Samsung, Sony, Starbucks and more.

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  • When done strategically, influencer marketing delivers far more than a brand's paid media can. Influencers can drive awareness, key messaging, engagement, and most importantly, trust in a way that a brand alone cannot. Together, these add up to increased sales.

    29 December 2021
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    29 December 2021