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Real Estate Agent at Avenue 8
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Tamar Asken brings her unique background in both finance and fine arts to her love for architecture and her clients. As a real estate agent who is also a Certified Financial Planner™, her knowledge of personal finance and investments, provides a valuable benefit to those working with her. Tamar also holds a BFA in sculpture and metal art from CCA, and has a lifelong obsession with architecture and design. She delights in talking about everything to do with houses, and she is dedicated to providing clients with the utmost level of service. Born and raised in Los Angeles, and now raising her 3 children here. Her love for this city, it’s people and her job is infectious.

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  • Overall, I’d rather pay Homelight 25 percent of my fee commission on a deal than to pay for leads from Zillow, for example. It’s a free lead, and I only pay them if I close the deal.

    18 March 2021
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