Tanay Tatum-Edwards

CEO & Founder at FreeCap Financial
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Tanay Tatum-Edwards is the founder and CEO of FreeCap and has nearly a decade of experience building and growing social enterprises. Prior to FreeCap, she worked in Business Development at MicroVest Capital Management, where she developed a lifelong commitment to using investment strategies to create systemic social change. Tanay has multiple loved ones impacted by mass incarceration and is committed to using her expertise to address it.

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  • Impact investors need to fund Black founders. Period. The most innovative solutions come from the communities that have experienced them and from entrepreneurs with firsthand experience of the social problems investors are trying to solve. I had spent the better part of the previous decade researching the structures that fuel racial inequality and, as a Black woman, I had lived them daily. As I looked around this predominantly white audience, I realized that if I didn’t launch FreeCap – and bring a racial equity lens to ESG investing — who else would?

    18 August 2021
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