Tatsiana Kerimova

CEO & Co-Founder at Orangesoft
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CEO & Co-Founder at Orangesoft. Working across the company's strategy, development, sales, and marketing departments, I take a hands-on approach with both my team and clients.

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  • #3- Be more selective

    In everything, from the tasks you take on to the people you deal with. If you take on everything in a row, you risk missing out on essential and strategic ideas. Pay attention to each of your ideas, and do not discard them in the routine of current affairs. If a client or partner immediately behaves strangely at the start – believe me, it won't get any better. He will be like that all the time and will waste your nerves and time. You are not made for each other. Try to understand this in time. Create your own rules and criteria to distinguish the important from the meaningless. Spend time and energy only on what will matter to you in the future.

    22 Entrepreneurs Share Their CEO Nugget

    21 March 2022
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