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CEO and Founder at MindMaze
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Dr. Tej Tadi is a neuroscientist, engineer and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of MindMaze, a company valued at over $1 billion, that designs and develops novel applications in neurorehabilitation combining neuroscience, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.
After studying Electronics Engineering in India, he moved to Switzerland in 2004 to pursue his PhD, which he received from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). His topic was Neural Mechanisms of the Embodied Self: Merging virtual reality and electrical neuroimaging. For his work, he received the Chorafas Foundation Award in 2011. He is on the international advisory board of the Brain Forum.
His research has led to important and highly visible scientific publications (Science) and awards (Pfizer Award for Neuroscience in 2009). He is also a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and TEDx speaker.
Tadi has delivered talks at scientific conferences and meetings around the world on his research. He has been profiled in Forbes, Fortune, and Techcrunch. He appeared at TEDxLausanne in 2014 to speak about accelerating recovery after a stroke.
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In 2009, the Pfizer Foundation awarded Tadi the neuroscience research prize.
In 2012, the IMD Business School honoured Tej with its startup prize.
In 2015, The World Economic Forum named him a Young Global Leader.
In 2016, he was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year.
Tadi has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals including Science and Neuroscience.

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