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Tejal believes the hiring process shouldn’t be a nightmare. Many women and people of color feel powerless in the job search and promotion process. She helps people learn what recruiters are looking for and what it takes to get promoted. Tejal has been there and done that. As a LinkedIn Top Voice and award-winning talent leader filling over 100 jobs per year, she takes a personal and empowering approach to career search.

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  • Your picture should be professional-ish and represent you well. If appropriate, it’s nice to have a photo that shows your personality.

    29 March 2021
  • From an employee’s perspective, you feel bad about taking vacation. Most people thrive in knowing what they have, and how much they have, and how they can utilize it. There could also be a cultural expectation that you don’t take long vacations. An employee taking a month off at a time in their first year could be considered a red flag by managers.

    29 March 2021
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