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Abigail Baker aka Tephra is an avid thought leader, author of the middle-grade novel 'Escape to Clown Town', graphic artist, photographer, musician, producer, and entrepreneur with a passion for change. Abigail grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was 18 years old, where she currently resides. Her search for adventure took her far and wide at a young age and she continues to mentor, learn, work and speak all over the US. Abigail is a firm believer in redefining the way we think and live. She is a wellness advocate and often blogs on organizational development, challenging the status quo and creating a holistic work environment. Abigail believes that creating space in your life to play, imagine and dream is vital in problem-solving, stress management and innovation. As a product of 12 years of homeschooling, Abigail started out at Harold Washington College in Chicago, Illinois before transferring to DePaul University and receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in People and Organizations and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Professional Studies with a concentration in Fiction and Non-Fiction Media Studies.

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  • Resilience is highly underrated, yet it is necessary to stand strong in the face of endless disappointment and limited opportunity.

    18 September 2022
  • I don't know why it happens, but we often forget the stories of great people. NO ONE knows the whole story when they set out to start a business, organization, movement, or revolution. We're all just following our passions.

    18 September 2022
  • We have to foster a willingness to explore further than what we are REQUIRED to know (especially us Millennials) and we need to create time each day to mentally tinker and throw ourselves down the rabbit hole.

    18 September 2022