Teresa Dietrich

Chief Product and Technology Officer at Stack Overflow
On the record

Teresa's passions for technical innovation, people development and web scale architecture have been the focus of her over 20 years in the internet industry. She is an engineer at heart, and she loves to solve problems whether they involve technology, process or people issues. Teresa continues to focus on expanding roles and responsibilities within Executive Leadership positions in technology, media and services companies with a global focus.

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  • Our popularity depends very strongly on our volunteer moderators, about 500 -- which are elected by the community. Earlier this year I formed a 12-member Moderator Council -- each one is elected-- so that we will always have strong input into the company's management from our community,

  • We found that, unlike on the public Q&A sites, people weren’t comfortable giving downvotes to content on the Teams product until we introduced private feedback. So now they give feedback to the content writer in a private way that says it’s incomplete, it’s out of date, or it’s wrong. And then they can put text around that feedback and only the owner of that content sees it.

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