Teresa O'Neill, PhD

Director of Solutions Architecture, Natural Language Understanding at iMerit
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Teresa has deep experience with research in the linguistic space as well as language data operations for Natural Language Processing and conversational AI. At iMerit, she develops custom data enrichment services for natural language understanding technologies.

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  • The use cases for Natural Language Processing (NLP) transcend industries. Whether NLP is being used to extract insights from meeting recordings and voice calls in the conversational intelligence space, distill information in medical documents, such as patient records, in the healthcare sector, or identify harmful speech behavior in the gaming industry, the technology is enhancing operational efficiency and improving critical processes across the board. There’s a common misconception that NLP is poised to steal human workers’ jobs, a growing concern especially amid the current economic climate. However, that’s not the case — NLP is much more complimentary to humans than people realize; it enables human workers to focus on more fulfilling and nuanced aspects of their jobs, while automating the mundane. In the next five years, we can expect NLP to be integrated into the fabric of every company’s daily operations.

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  • iMerit
    Director of Solutions Architecture, Natural Language Understanding