Terry Jost

Global Leader of Protiviti’s Security and Privacy Practice at Protiviti
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Terry Jost is the Global Leader of Security and Privacy Practice at Protiviti. Terry advises and consults with senior business leaders and corporate board members, bringing transformative solutions to effectively manage cybersecurity threats. Through developing and operating cyber resiliency strategies, businesses avoid serious business disruption and reduce the unexpected costs and complexities when experiencing a cybersecurity event. He also advises companies to include cybersecurity fundamentals when constructing and deploying digital solutions.

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  • With ransomware, attacks have evolved from fringe data thieves to more sophisticated business disruptors. And when operations grind to a halt, legal disputes, regulatory demands and expenses multiply. While we've been advising boards and executives on cybersecurity for many years, including ransomware attacks, this newly enhanced practice will serve as a focused nerve center for Protiviti clients aiming to strengthen their defenses against a variety of ransomware threats.

    16 August 2021
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    Global Leader of Protiviti’s Security and Privacy Practice