Thomas Brand

Head of Institutional Sales and Research at Coinmotion
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I lead the institutional coverage team at the largest regulated Nordic virtual asset operator, Coinmotion.

In my role, I work closely with institutional clients to satisfy their needs in terms of exposure, allocation, insights, and support.

To support our clientele, we also carry out localized crypto asset and market research as well as advice our clients with broader questions involving topics such as custody options, liquidity, exposure, and reporting.

I lead Coinmotion's institutional research efforts end-to-end from initial idea generation to distributing the finds. Growing our mindshare and thought leadership in this emerging industry is my passion.

My primary professional research interests revolve around bitcoin and mining, asset class evolution, industry dynamics, economics of digital assets and protocols, and asset allocator's perspective on crypto-assets. I have published numerous client memos, reports, market reports, and been quoted in publications as well as in media.

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  • Regulators, I assume, are especially interested in how crypto, and now especially stablecoin, risks might affect TradFi and CeFi via contagion and (in)direct exposure. Thus far, these risks have not materialized systemically. Still, regulators might pay closer attention to these matters soon — mainly if they conclude that at least some stablecoins remind a form of shadow banking.

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    Head of Institutional Sales and Research