Tim Kane

Retail Solutions Industry Consultant, North America Retail at Zebra Technologies
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Tim Kane is a Retail Solutions Industry Consultant in North America Retail at Zebra Technologies. Tim’s vision and experience help retailers address issues ranging from inventory visibility and accuracy to migration to the latest technologies and omnichannel delivery models. He identifies emerging trends like IoT and analytics to assure both Zebra and its customers are prepared to take advantage of solutions that utilize these technologies.

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  • The biggest lesson learned from 2020 is how quickly retailers could respond. In early March, when the pandemic was becoming a reality, retailers made immediate changes associated with digitizing. One customer advised me they had made 147 operational changes from March to May, and that’s incredible. There’s so much more data to capture than just POS. There are shelf cameras and robotics that can capture data and feed it to a machine learning engine. It can then send tasks to store managers and associates about inventory gaps.

    18 November 2021
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