Tim Prendergast

CEO at strongDM
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CEO at strongDM, a series-B startup solving the 20+ year old problem of how to get people to access infrastructure in a safe and sane way. Tiger Global, GV, True Ventures, and Sequoia all backed strongDM because nothing else compares.

Founded Evident.io, the first real-time API-based cloud security platform, exiting to PANW as the category leader for $330m. Evident became the foundation for us to build PANWs first 100mm+ ARR cloud business. I served as the first Chief Cloud Officer in a Fortune 1000 company during my time at PANW.

Prior to this, I was the principal architect for Adobe's Cloud Team -- designing and scaling the elastic AWS infrastructure that created the well-known success story that is the poster-child for digital transformation.

I also did a stint piloting a multi-dimensional seating appliance of sizable scale and comfort across digital experiences on various platforms (Xbox, PS4, Steam, and others). ROI to be determined.

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