Tom Andriola

Chief Digital Officer and Vice Chancellor, Information, Technology and Data at UCI (University of California, Irvine)
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Tom Andriola joined the University of California, at Irvine (UCI) as the Vice Chancellor for Information, Technology and Data. He is responsible for ensuring the effective and strategic use of data and technology across all aspects of the UCI enterprise.

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  • "I've launched this program called The Collaboratories @ UCI, our strategy for building intelligence into our data assets and putting them to work. It allows us to tackle the boldest research questions and drive to the best organizational outcomes. And it's also using those same data assets to work with external partners to create the future, looking through a lens of public good, social equity, and health justice. "

  • "The amount of data we have is only going to grow. It’s going to keep growing exponentially. So we’re never going to run out of data. It’s just a matter of curating it, presenting it, focusing it."

  • "Data is not like oil. Data is like water. Data is everywhere. And the reason water is the correct analogy is that you have to capture the data. You have to channel it. Data can be used for multiple purposes. If I capture the rainwater coming off of my roof in a gutter and into a drain, I can use it to water the plants. I can use it to feed the animals."

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