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Tom is the Co-founder of Defi Nation, and was Co-founder of Mosendo. He is a partner at Taureon angel group established in 2017.

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  • At this point, any ETF is welcomed in order to expand the accessibility of Bitcoin exposure in US markets as regulated funds and retail brokers may have restrictions that don’t allow them to trade Bitcoin spot or even futures. An NYSE listed ETF is a much needed instrument that enables compliant Bitcoin exposure to pension funds, mutual funds, retail brokers and more and I expect to see this appearing in more of the traditional brokerage accounts going forward. While the instrument is cash settled, market makers for the ETF or futures contracts will still need to hedge their exposure via spot markets, so it’s unlikely that it will reduce demand, it is more likely to unlock access to previously underserved demand. Outside of the US, this instrument is less useful as international jurisdictions embrace blockchain innovations and create new regulations specifically for this new financial technology.

    14 November 2021
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