Tom Mader

Chief Operating Officer at OpenLight
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COO at OpenLight

Addressing the growing silicon photonics market requirements for improved performance, power efficiency and reliability, OpenLight, a newly launched company, introduced the world's first open silicon photonics platform with integrated lasers.

OpenLight's platform provides a new level of laser integration and scalability to accelerate the development of high-performance photonic integrated circuits (PICs) in applications such as datacom, telecom, LiDAR, healthcare, HPC, AI, and optical computing. The technology has passed qualification and reliability tests on Tower's PH18DA production process. OpenLight expects the first open Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) shuttle run on the PH18DA process as well as 400G and 800G reference designs with integrated lasers to be available in Summer 2022.

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  • “It’s all about scale,” said OpenLight chief operating officer Thomas Mader. “When you make a very big, complex chip, if you don’t have a laser integrated in, you have to couple it from the outside. Whether that’s a separate package, or whether they try to solder it and align it, optical alignment is hard. If you do it once, it’s hard. And if you try to do it four times on a single product or eight times, it becomes progressively harder, and that means yield, that means cost, that means power lost.”

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