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Chief Scientist at Elliptic
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Tom is a global expert and commentator on cryptocurrency, blockchain analytics, and forensic investigations. Tom advises Elliptic's customers, regulators, and governments on cryptocurrency market developments and blockchain forensics to detect and prevent financial crime in the cryptoassets. He holds a doctorate in Physics from the University of Oxford.

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  • The tool represents a significant new capability for crypto launderers. They can now test their own laundering methods, be it the use of mixers or layering techniques, by screening their own bitcoin wallet, before taking the risk of making a deposit at an exchange or other service provider.

  • Even if you can steal cryptoassets, laundering them and cashing out is extremely difficult, due to the transparency of the blockchain and the broad use of blockchain analytics by financial institutions.

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  • Elliptic
    Chief Scientist
    started Oct 2013