Tomer Kashi

Drone Pilot - FAA Part 107 Certified at Federal Aviation Administration and 2 other companies
On the record

Since the founding of SkyWatch in VOOM, Tomer initiated the creation of VOOM's Risk Engine and InsureTech platform, secured joint ventures with leading insurance companies and brought VOOM from a mere idea to a company that delights tens of thousands of customers. Prior to VOOM, he was an "intrapreneur" in the elite cyber unit of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, where he spearheaded large-scale interdisciplinary technology projects, one of those was awarded the prestigious "Israel Defense Prize" by the president of Israel, for a "significant contribution to the defense of the state".

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  • We see new platforms, such as drones, e-scooters, and increased connectivity that enables a new insurance product such as pay-as-you-drive. Just like Lemonade is doing home insurance or people, or Next is doing small business insurance, VOOM is the Lemonade or Next for Mobility.

    11 May 2021