Tommy Lee

Principal Scientist, FICO at FICO
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As a data scientist at FICO, Tommy utilize analytics to unlock the power of data. He has the privilege of leading research, development, and support of the FICO Score, the credit score that over 90% of lenders use to make lending decisions. He collaborates with and supervising a team of five data scientists. His team has developed FICO Scores in the US and Canada using new analytic approaches to advance the most predictive FICO Scores available. He is a proponent of the idea that the FICO Score is more than just a predictor of consumer credit risk. It is used by numerous and key different stakeholders such as consumers, lenders, regulators, and investors as a universal benchmark of creditworthiness.

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  • Having a low utilization indicates you are using credit in a responsible manner.

    17 March 2021
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    Principal Scientist, FICO