Toni Gilliard

On the record

Toni is the Founder at Tipsy Lady Cocktails, the home of premium quality Caribbean-inspired cocktails. She has held a long-standing passion for creating memorable consumer experiences and honoring her heritage. Despite her background in law, Toni felt compelled to turn her talent towards cocktail creation. Toni is known for her forward-thinking, creative flair and process-driven orientation. These talents propelled Toni to make a natural, organic, and eco-friendly canned cocktail line, with a strong emphasis on style, elegance, and authentic taste.

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  • Being able to stand on the soil of the world’s first commercial rum distillery three centuries prior was a blessing and a gift from our ancestors. Tipsy Lady, despite the name, has very little to do with getting slightly drunk. [It’s] all to do with ‘tipping’ the scales in the alcohol beverage industry towards acknowledging female ownership.