Tracy Nielsen

Founder, CEO and Assistant Winemaker at La Pitchoune Winery
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Originating from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Tracy’s adventurous spirit and infectious personality is ever-present in everything she does. Growing up as a raft-guide on the fiercest rivers of Colorado, she is not one to ever back down from a challenge. "No" or "impossible" are simply not words in her vocabulary and they serve as the inspiration and foundation for the creation of La Pitchoune.

After five-years of trying to break into the wine industry and repeatedly being told no, Tracy decided to make her vision a reality by starting La Pitchoune. It’s this very spirit that now guides everything we do at La Pitchoune. Nothing is impossible and dreams are always welcome here.

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  • I haven’t slept since 2012, but it’s part of the deal. You want to pick the fruit in the early morning when it’s cool. You don’t want the fruit to ferment.

    14 May 2021
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    14 May 2021
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