Trent Sorbe

CEO and Co-Founder at Falls Fintech and 1 other company
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Trent has led Central Payments since the company's inception in 2014. He was an architect of Central Payments’ Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace, one of the only true bank-as-a-service payment platforms and the technology responsible for Central Payments’ rise to the fastest growing prepaid card issuer since 2015. With more than 28 years of debit, credit, and prepaid payments experience, Trent is responsible for products garnering nine Pay before Awards.

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  • We’re delighted about the opportunity to support the next generation of financial services companies and look forward to bringing their innovative products to market at the end of their Falls Fintech experience through Central Payments.

    11 September 2021
  • We had to get fintechs to think like banks and banks to think like fintechs.

    11 September 2021
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  • Falls Fintech
    CEO and Co-Founder
    started Oct 2019
  • Central Payments
    Founder and President
    started Aug 2014