Trevor George and Zach Bruch

Co-Founders and Co-CEOs at RECUR
On the record

Trevor has led the growth of Trevco, a top 150 global licensee, to amass the largest roster list of licensed brands (over 1500 and counting). He pivoted the company in 2016 to be direct-to-consumer and helped guided Trevco to become one of the largest sellers on Amazon in the U.S. During the pandemic, Trevor launched from concept to live in 4 days, quickly becoming the world’s largest licensed face mask destination. Trevor was named one of 40 Under 40 Influential People by License Global.

Zach is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO at RECUR.

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  • The metaverse is a hot topic right now. It's not any one thing but a combination of many things. The first thing that we as humans have done in this digital world, the metaverse, is represent ourselves by an avatar. We've been doing that for years in gaming, and especially now. The next thing you do once you have an identity is you buy things and you collect things. It's those things that you come together as a society and talk about, and hang about, and rave about, and become emotional about. NFTs are those things in the metaverse.

    3 January 2022
  • We understand that we’re welcoming millions and millions of new fans across all the IP that we have into this ecosystem, into crypto, and we can make sure they can enter it in a way that they understand.

    3 January 2022
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    Co-Founders and Co-CEOs