Trey Zeluff

Director of Strategy and Innovation at LevelField Financial
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Trey is the Director of Strategy and Innovation at LevelField Financial. He is a next-generation financial services strategist and connector who is well versed in the opportunities that digital assets afford investors. Trey's experience and vision for the future integration of crypto and commercial enterprises, purposely aligns with who we are and where banking and finance are headed.

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  • Safe, simple and secure is what people care about when asking someone to manage financial assets, and LevelField was born with that ethos. We're tasked with presenting asset growth opportunities for clients but what we're really doing is maintaining an effective and regulated fiscal environment where customers will have access to a range of products that present returns safely. The traditional financial markets and systems have been constructed in a manner that maintains a status quo, thus it currently does not offer investors the ability to compliantly access the opportunities that digital disruption has already enabled. In time the older, stale organizations offering the same products will gobble up the one service crypto startups and force regulation on them. We're building smart access to these opportunities right now, in a regulated manner and in concert with traditional banking services.

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