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VP of Business Development at Descartes Systems Group
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Focused on helping businesses succeed in the high growth ecommerce market, enabling excellence across the ecommerce supply chain, providing integrated ecommerce solutions that facilitate digital transformation for retailers and online pure players. Expertise in ecommerce and enterprise solutions from order management through warehouse automation and order fulfillment to help drive growth for small, medium and large businesses.

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  • We’re pleased to help Goodfair put the customer experience first with a fulfillment model designed for growth. For brands with ecommerce warehouse operations, excellence in order fulfillment is a critical differentiator, helping them smoothly increase capacity to meet surges in demand while scaling their ecommerce businesses profitably.

    26 October 2021
  • We’re pleased to help JAXXON effectively scale its fulfillment operations to meet its rapidly expanding business. The Descartes ecommerce WMS solution has a strong track record with brands worldwide that, like JAXXON, view fulfillment as part of their competitive edge.

    26 October 2021
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    VP of Business Development