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Troy Vincent is a market analyst at DTN. He’s been in the economic research and energy risk management industry for nearly a decade, from large multinationals like Schneider Electric and Ingersoll Rand to innovative technology startups like ClipperData. Troy specializes in crude oil and refined products, and has a thorough understanding of economics and monetary policy, which gives his readers a deeper understanding of market moves and indicators than basic supply and demand levels.

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  • "Global natural gas and coal prices will remain near record highs, causing electricity shortages for households and industries, with Asia and Europe being the most at risk," Troy Vincent told Financial Management Magazine. "Natural gas to oil switching will lead to higher oil, gasoline, and diesel prices. This trend is likely to sustain through the winter."

    8 February 2022
  • "Oil futures [markets] remain hyper-focused on draws to U.S. crude and product inventories and are likely positioned on the expectation that draws will continue through the coming month, as strengthening refining margins should entice stronger crude runs in the final month of U.S. driving season," said Troy Vincent to MarketWatch

    10 September 2021
  • "Oil producers should report a substantial increase in free cash flow both on a quarterly basis and on an annual basis," said Troy Vincent to

    10 September 2021
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