Tyler Griffin

Co Founder and Managing Partner at Financial Venture Studio
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Tyler is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Financial Venture Studio.

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  • Building a fintech requires building a massive network of contacts throughout financial services, and that’s practically impossible now with COVID having shut down in-person networking. At Venture Studio, we are creating those networks for founders, helping them meet the right people at the right organizations to shave months or even years off of their development.

    24 June 2021
  • As a former fintech founder, I know all too well the difficulty in connecting with the right people, whether bank partners or influencers. I also know the importance of making early connections in the regulatory area, making the right technical architecture choices, and forging early relationships in the capital markets. Our program provides the access and insights needed in these critical areas to help fintech startups grow truly transformational companies.

    24 June 2021
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