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Norwegian-born Unni Turrettini is a speaker and Human Connection Expert who helps leaders and teams increase engagement, performance, and wellbeing. She is the author of Betraying the Nobel: The Secrets and Corruption behind the Nobel Peace Prize, about trust in leadership, and the award-winning, The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer, which examines Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik from both a psychological and sociological perspective and focuses on what we can learn from that tragedy to prevent rampage killings spurred by loneliness.

She appears regularly in the media, including on ABC, BBC, NTD News, TRT World, C-NET, Fox26, C-SPAN, The Tedx Stage, The James Altucher Show, and in The World Today, HuffPo, Authority Magazine, Voice of America, NY Post, The Spectator, The Progressive, and WWD.

Unni grew up as a global citizen, spending half her life abroad, including the United States, France, and Switzerland before returning to Oslo in 2016. With law degrees from Norway, France, and the United States, she is a member of the New York Bar, and worked in law and finance for nearly a decade before becoming a full-time author, speaker, and corporate trainer.

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  • "Human connection is a superpower…if you know how to use it. Relationships increases engagement, productivity, and reduces sick leave." - Unni Turrettini

  • "Many leaders think that connection is something 'natural' or 'innate' that’s just there. Others think that connection is something to push down the ladder to be dealt with by each individual or the team. They’re both wrong. Connection is like a muscle. We need to build it, work on it, and maintain it." - Unni Turrettini

  • "According to a recent Norwegian study, loneliness is one of the top 5 issues of leaders in companies. Problem is, no one talks about it, because we think that if we feel lonely we must have failed at social connections." - Unni Turrettini