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Vaclav helps companies strategize, innovate and grow. His specialty is aligning strategy and technology to enable the overall vision for startups and enterprises. He also brings a team of technology experts to implement leading-edge projects. His current focus: How to best deploy machine learning to support business objectives. He is also exploring how visionary, forward thinking companies can use quantum computing. He also has a deep background in custom software development, information technology and cybersecurity. Vaclav frequently speaks at technology industry conferences and contributes commentary for technology reporters.

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  • “R&D could help telcos build more resilient networks to either avoid or minimize the type of disruption we just experienced with Rogers. But a lot of their money goes into marketing and buying equipment. When was the last time you heard of Bell or Telus or Rogers introducing an impressive commodity?"

    21 July 2022
  • IT management should take part during strategy discussions, understand the business objectives, identify data that will provide the required insights, and closely work with the line of business (LOB) managers to support the implementation for these insights to take place.

    The challenge for IT management is to fully appreciate the business impact data has and explain it in terms the business leaders can understand.

    21 July 2022
  • "Small businesses fail for a number of reasons, the worst being lack of strategy. Company heads go in with no understanding of the market, the product, or how suitable its service can be. They don't foresee the competition, and end up in a market place that's already saturated with similar offerings."

    21 July 2022