Valerie Palmieri

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Valerie Palmieri was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2015, prior to joining Aspira Women's Health as Chief Operating Officer in October 2014.

During her tenure at Aspira Women’s Health Valerie led the transition of the company to the commercialization of its market-leading products and is now focused on the company’s product expansion pipeline into benign pelvic mass management and endometriosis.

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  • We are very excited to offer our groundbreaking global technologies to two of the nation’s top women’s health networks and two expanding independent labs. These four agreements will help expand patient access to OVA1plus to women across the country by replacing CA125. Coupled with the Aspira Synergy Genetics solution, we are leveraging novel biochemistry with a clinical–grade artificial intelligence (AI)-based bioinformatics to provide genetic intelligence at the local level. Providing early diagnostic ovarian cancer risk assessment information will allow proactive personalized risk assessment at the point of care. The bottom line, it’s all about early detection of risk at the proteomic and genetic germline level!

    29 January 2022
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    29 January 2022