Vanessa Famulener

President at HomeLight
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Vanessa is the President at HomeLight. She is an operations and strategy professional with experience developing new business lines and scaling early stage companies. She is leading the launch and operations of innovative home financing products including HomeLight Trade-In™ and HomeLight Cash Offer™. Vanessa has over 10 years of experience developing and leading new business ventures for high growth consumer internet companies including Stitch Fix and Shutterfly.

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  • We’re taking this funding to bring our cash offer and trading businesses across the country to more agents and markets. Market expansion is needed to hire new people in new teams, but a lot of it too is going to come from an integrated transaction that brings together what we’re doing of pulling a home, buying or selling a property for a client through cash, offer and trade-in, and also financing their mortgage that they can put in a new house. Traditionally has been all these different players at different companies to make a real estate transaction happen. Behind the scenes, we’re integrating all the systems and tooling to provide an integrated, seamless transaction. And so as we expand to new markets, now we’re going to be bringing these products to new agents to new clients. But we’re also looking to make the transaction as simple and satisfying as possible.

    10 April 2022
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