Vaughan Lindsay

On the record

I am the CEO of Climate Impact Partners, a merger of ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners.

Climate Impact Partners is dedicated to tackling climate change and improving lives. We aim to make our world a climate neutral one – where everyone takes full responsibility for their carbon footprint.

We help organizations take responsibility for their climate impact by financing, developing, and managing carbon reduction projects across the world. Based in UK, USA, Africa and South America, Climate Impact Partners helped create the voluntary carbon market and pioneered carbon finance for community development projects. We deliver some of the largest carbon offsetting programs in the world.

Leading organisations and governments trust us to solve complex climate and sustainability issues. With us by their side, they can be confident on their journey to Net Zero.

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  • We are delighted to continue to work with Relief International and the Gyapa stove project. This is a great example of a high-quality project that meets our global climate goals and delivers positive impact for livelihoods and communities. Interest from the private sector in using carbon finance to deliver action and results now is at an all-time high, offering project developers the chance to scale up their work and deliver even greater impact. We look forward to working with more project partners to realise this opportunity.